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SO Springfield 's Own Magazine - May/June 2008

Dr. Agamah, IHDN President and 2008 IHDN volunteers were featured in SO's recent magazine. A review of the article reveals an outline of the following:

  • Brief history of Dr. Agamah's journey from meeting his wife, June to their 1st trip to Agbozume with one of their loyal friends and volunteers, Vivienne Dawkins to initiate IHDN activities.
  • Selected pictures about his work in Ghana.
  • Facts and figures of selected information comparing Ghana with selected county, state and cities in the US.
  • Dr. Agamah brief bio.
  • A day in Dr. Agamah's life both in Springfield and Ghana.
  • The list and a beautiful picture of the ‘Dream team' who are the summer mission trip 2008 volunteers
  • The 2008 volunteers, total 32, include: 
    • Doctors from Springfield : 5
    • Other medical volunteers: 4
    • Medical and pre-med students from Springfield : 7
    • Non-medical team members from Springfield : 6
    • High school and junior high school students: 8
    • Other volunteers from out of the Springfield area: Chicago, Illinois- 1; Cleveland, Ohio- 2; Delaware - 1; Tyler, Texas - 2.

The issue is highly recommended. The 11 pages consist of incredibly interesting and both educational and informational features about IHDN and Ghana .

SO Springfield 's Own Magazine is a SJR magazine

The State Journal-Register * Springfield , IL * The Oldest Newspaper In Illinois
May/June 2008 issue available for sale at:

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