Ghana, West Africa 

Population: 33,846,114 (2023 est.)

Capital City: Accra, 2.557 million (2023)

Language: English is the lingua Franca
Other local languages: Twi, Ga, Ewe, and Hausa (2010 est.)

Religions: Secular state with religious freedom.  Christian 71.3%, Muslim 19.9%, traditional 3.2%, other 4.5%, none 5.2% (2021 est.)

Life Expectancy: 69.7 years (2023 est.)

Number of Doctors: 3,236

Health expenditures: 4.0% of GDP (2020)


Agbozume & Surrounding Villages:

Estimate for Weta, Agbozume/Klikor, Afife, Afiadenyigba and surrounding villages about 60,000

Location: Southeastern part of Ghana in the Volta Region

Distance from Capital, Accra: 110 miles 

Closest City: Lome, Capital of Togo [a French Speaking country] is 16 miles away

Economy: 70% subsistence farming, others: trading, kente weaving 

Religion: About 40% Christian, 10% others, 50% African religion